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Outdoor Staging
Eco Art Outdoor Staging
You can’t sell it . . . if they won’t get out of the car.

We get them out of the car.
  • We can make your real estate property step up and stand
    out against all others for sale with “Eco Art Outdoor Staging”.

  • In the current local real estate market “high end” real estate
    remains on the for sale market an average of two years.

  • According to a joint study by Clemson University and the
    University of Maryland, potential homebuyers will pay up to
    11.3% more for homes with thoughtfully designed and well
    maintained landscaping.  

  • A study of home sales in Greenville, South Carolina indicates,
    "Homes with excellent landscaping sell 4 to 5 percentage
    points higher . . . Homes with poor landscaping . . . sell for 8-
    10% less."

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, ". . . landscape investments
    are recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, via increasing
    real estate values."

  • “Eco Art Outdoor Staging” creates the curb appeal that
    gets the “WOW” factor from all potential buyers which
    means higher contract prices for the sellers.  

  • Eco Art’s Outdoor staging puts a smile on their face. This
    feeling carries through the entire sales process.