Eco-Art Core Business Beliefs

  •    Customer Satisfaction is our only priority.
  •    Employees are the only business asset whose value appreciates with time.
  •    Financial performance is not the end – it is a means to an end.
  •    Professionalism, environmental stewardship, and ethical behavior are  
    prerequisites for doing business.

Eco-Art Business Philosophy

  • Satisfying customers is our only priority.

  • Professionalism, environmental stewardship, operating safety, and ethical
    behavior are prerequisites of achieving it.

  • Engaging and developing everyone in our company, and creating a workplace
    filled with personal involvement and mutual admiration and respect is how we
    get it done.

  • Exceptional financial performance, a great place to work, and a credit to our
    community are the measures of having done it right.
Our Strategic Thinking
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Eco-Art Operating Principles

  • Principle: We respect our Client’s Time, Property, Treasure, and Safety  with the same value we respect our own.
  • Principle: We will first listen to understand our customers’ problems, and then communicate so that they understand our solution.  We will never make
    a customer wrong.
  • Principle: We always listen to each other, not just be silent while another speaks.  
  • Principle: Each of us matters to the success of this business.  We all depend on each other to achieve business success so each of us can achieve
    our personal dreams.
  • Principle: The most we can expect of each other is the minimum standard we personally demonstrate.  We will work together every day to improve,
    teach each other and learn from one another, and daily raise the standards and quality of our work.
  • Principle: Money is a measurement of our success, not our success.
  • Principle: We will always act with the understanding that our business integrity and reputation is graded every day by every action of every employee
    of our company.
  • Principle:  We will always demonstrate good environmental stewardship through eco-sensitive design, installation practices and eco-friendly